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Stress and emotions: What happens in my brain?

Emotions are affective states which can vary in duration and intensity. They are indispensable and guide our actions and decisions. They can be pleasant or unpleasant. When they surpass a certain limit, they can cause a state of stress that stops us from acting and thinking with a clear mind.

Here are Mrs Sandal’s students: Robin, Lucas, Anna, Clarisse and Rachida. There are a lot of emotions at the beginning of the school year. Sometimes emotions are difficult. They aren’t always clear. Nonetheless, it’s important to do something. With SuperCortex everyone can handle their emotions without the risk being overwhelmed


You’re now ready to watch the first video clip of the Learn to be zen @ school programme. Enjoy your viewing!

When you show it to your students, we suggest you show it to them once in full to collect their initial reactions.
Then you can watch it again bit by bit in order to go into more detail and gain more educational value.

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