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Learn to be zen @ school

Learn to Be asbl

Learn to Be asbl is a Belgian non-profit organization created in public interest to make the latest scientific findings available to the world of education. The « Savoir-être à l’école » programme has been developing in Belgium since 2007.

The Learn to Be Vision: To enable both children and teenagers to benefit from an education that teaches both the school syllabus as well as self-discovery and harmonious co-living. To allow children to become independent and well-rounded adults, engaged members of society who take responsibility over their own choices.

The Learn to Be Mission: To aid teachers, educators, directors and other members of learning staff benefit from the training, support and teaching tools given to develop their own emotional and interpersonal competences alongside those of their students.

Savoir–être à l’école

Savoir-être à l’école was founded in 2014 and strives to offer the educative world concrete methodology and teaching tools on self-discovery and emotional management guided by the latest discoveries in behavioural- and neurosciences.

The school is the French offshoot of its Belgian sibling and is will soon celebrate its third anniversary.

L’école Franco-Allemande de Fribourg

L’École Elémentaire Franco-Allemande in Freiburg im Breisgau is a unique binational elementary school. It was founded in September 1992 by a joint declaration between the minister of education for Baden-Württemberg and the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

The school has since then welcomed approx. 125 students from French, Franco-German, French-speaking and Francophile families. The school follows both the French national syllabus as well as that of the state Baden-Württemberg. Both French and  German teachers are responsible for classes taught in their mother tongue. In addition, a multitude of bilingual as well as bicultural projects take place here.

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