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What is angry? What can we do?

Forbearance is originally an instinctive emotional state that allows us to protect ourselves from danger and predators. Physiologically, the tension in our body is relieved, we become tired, our voice becomes deep and toneless and we can sometimes cry. When there is no real danger, the emotion can take on two forms: sadness or discouragement.

When a child experiences repeated failures, he/she can fall into a state of “learned helplessness”. SuperCortex learns us how to feel auto-empathy, how to get out of ourself again and to find new energy.


You’re now ready to watch the fourth video clip of the Learn to be zen @ school programme. Enjoy your viewing!

When you show it to your students, we suggest you show it to them once in full to collect their initial reactions. Then you can watch it again bit by bit in order to go into more detail and gain more educational value.

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